When Do You Think You Should Visit a Gynecologist in Kolkata?

Visiting a gynecologist should be a routine for all the women. If a female is around the age of 15 or more, she should talk to a gynecologist at least once a year. You should know the basic symptoms of your body regarding visiting a gynecologist. If you are from Kolkata or anywhere near the city, there are multiple gynecological options for you. Visit the best gynecologist in Kolkata according to your convenience.

There are a number of symptoms which are worthy to visit a professional gynecological doctor. Here are some of the symptoms –

Vaginal Infection

Are you facing mild vaginal infections and thinking that these are curable without a consultation? You are wrong here! If the infections grow, it does have potential to create huge problems in near future. Visit a gynecologist in Kolkata before it’s too late.

Abstractly Painful Periods

Menstrual periods are quite problematic for many women. If you are facing the same, you should handle the situation with professionals. If you are facing abnormally painful periods, do visit to a gynecologist. The doctor can help you the best.

Over-bleeding from Vagina

Vaginal over-bleeding is extremely common just near menopause. But post-menopause vaginal bleeding is no normal. If you think you are facing the same, visit a gynecologist, consult with the doctor and get proper treatment.

Breast Related Issues

Whether you are facing breast sensitivity or new lump, or even discharge in breast, a gynaecologist can assist you the best. This can lead to breast cancer as well. Sometimes the symptoms are not cancerous. Anyway, treat it before it’s too late.

Sexual Discomfort

This is not an open point to discuss though, but a gynaecologist is well aware with this problem. If you are facing discomfort during sex for a longer period of time, it is advisable to visit a gynaecologist.