Understanding the Complications of Cesarean Delivery

C-section or cesarean section is generally not a part of a woman’s birth plan. However, her doctor may suggest one for a wide range of reasons. You may have to go through a C-section if you are pregnant with twins, triplets, or quadruplets or if you are suffering from a medical issue. C-section is also considered the only viable option if there is hardly any progress in your labor, if your baby is in a difficult position or is too big for vaginal delivery, or if your and your baby’s health are at risk.

The following write-up specifies the complications of cesarean delivery. Please check them out before arriving at a decision.

cesarean delivery

Risks to the Mother

According to the best cesarean delivery specialist in Kolkata, like all major surgeries, C-sections are also accompanied by several risks. Some of them are haemorrhage, blood clots, and adverse reaction to anaesthesia. You may also experience –

  1. Bleeding
  2. Uterine inflammation
  3. Infection
  4. Injury to intestines and bladder
  5. Amniotic fluid metabolism where the amniotic fluids or faecal materials enter your bloodstream

If you have had C-section, your future pregnancies will be incredibly complicated. If you go for vaginal birth after a cesarean section, there is a high chance your uterus will tear along with the scar line of the C-section. You can also have scar tissues in the pelvic area and problems with the placenta.

Risks to the Baby

The best cesarean delivery specialist in Kolkata said that some studies showed babies delivered by C-section are more prone to breathing troubles,  specifically if the surgery is performed before thirty-nine weeks. This is because labor drains the fluid out of a baby’s lungs. If the C-section is conducted before you start your labor, your baby could have fluid in the lungs. It usually clears in a day.

There is also a tiny risk of injury. Your baby may have scrapes or nicks, which are completely accidental. But they are quite rare.

Not all C-sections are same. Recovery will take a prolonged period when a woman opts for C-section due to an emergency. Infection, wounded incision sites, and underlying health conditions like diabetes can also lengthen recovery. To heal soon, please rest as much as possible. Try sleeping when your baby is asleep or ask someone to take care of your baby so you can nap. Walking eliminates blood clots and other cardiovascular issues. You can walk with other new parents or meet up a friendly neighbour.