Top Signs of Fertility You Must Look For Every Month

You have decided to conceive – congratulations! Now do you have any idea how to optimize your chance of conceiving? Women experience a wide range of symptoms that indicate when she is ovulating and is in her fertility zone. Well, what exactly should you look for? Being aware of the below signs help you get pregnant without any hassle. Please check them out now.

A Positive Outcome from the Ovulation Predictor

According to the experts providing the best fertility management in Kolkata, this is a single sign of fertility you can detect seamlessly. Ovulation predictor kit consists of test strips that women pee on to find out if their body released luteinizing hormone. This hormone activates the release of an egg from the ovary. The positive sign on the test strip signals that you will ovulate in the next three days. The best time to indulge in intercourse are the day your body released LH and the following three days.

More Sex Drive

Mother Nature is quite smart – when you are in the fertile window, your sex drive increases because of the jump in the hormones like testosterone and oestrogen. Your body undergoes subtle changes that draws your partner towards you. Some of the changes are a high-pitch voice, fuller lips, and the way you look and walk.

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Heightened Sense of Smell

The professionals offering the best fertility management in Kolkata said heightened sense of smell is a sign of fertility. One study showed that women smell better when they approach ovulation, and they become specifically sensitive to male pheromones like androsterone. Even though the exact reason is unfortunately not known, the heightened sense of smell is nature’s way of informing you that you must choose an ideal mate.

Breast Tenderness

At a particular period of every month, your breasts feel heavy, sore, and achy. This is due to an escalation in progesterone, which a woman’s body produces immediately after ovulation. So, while painful breasts cannot really predict when you will ovulate, they will tell you that ovulation happens every month. This is a reassuring symptom of fertility.

For most women, fertility remains a mystery until they seriously try to conceive. However, despite the various surprises and medical issues that could make reproduction challenging, there are tiny hints you may look for that are considered symptoms of fertility. Major ones are specified above. Keep them in mind please.