Three Dietary Changes that Can Help Manage Endometriosis

According to research, endometriosis may affect around ten percent of females of reproductive age throughout the world. This condition occurs when the endometrium tissue grows in areas such as bowel, abdomen, and ovaries. Endometrium tissue is generally found inside the uterus only.

Symptoms of endometriosis are heavy menstrual bleeding, discomforting bowel movements, pain during sexual intercourse, and infertility. The cause of the condition is unfortunately not known and there is also no way to completely cure it. However, a few foods can decrease the chances of endometriosis.

Below are three dietary changes that can help women manage endometriosis seamlessly. Please check them out now.

Eat More Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 fats could be defined as anti-inflammatory fats found in fish and certain plant and animal sources. According to the best endometriosis surgeon in Kolkata, omega-3 fats can successfully reduce pain and swelling. Since one of the primary symptoms of endometriosis is pain and swelling, increasing the intake of omega-3 fats can be beneficial. Also, studies have found that consuming supplements containing omega-3 can decrease menstrual pain to a great extent.

Eat Plenty of Vegetables, Whole Grains, and Fruits

Vegetables, whole grains, and fruits have substantial amounts of fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They can help women suffering from endometriosis. After all, high fibre intake can decrease oestrogen levels, which further take care of endometriosis. Also, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contain antioxidants. According to study, people diagnosed with endometriosis who adhered to a strict antioxidant diet for four months noticed a significant reduction of the symptoms.

Limit Alcohol and Caffeine

A reputed endometriosis surgeon in Kolkata said that people with endometriosis should immediately limit intake of alcohol and caffeine. Several studies have shown that alcohol consumption can exacerbate the symptoms even though there is no evidence that alcohol can cause endometriosis. As per a few recent researches, caffeine intake is intrinsically associated with endometriosis.

There is no definite cure for endometriosis. Medications and surgery can manage the condition but there is a high chance of it coming back. Changing your diet is an excellent approach that have helped many women improve their symptoms. Take enough time to try out the tips stated above.