How to Prepare for a Hysterectomy: The Beginner’s Guide

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the womb or uterus. You will not be able to conceive after this operation. If you have gone through menopause already, you will not get periods anymore, regardless of age. Hysterectomy is generally recommended for women aged 45 to 55.

One of the reasons for having a hysterectomy is heavy menstruation due to fibroids, pelvic pain due to endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine prolapse, and improperly treated PID (pelvic inflammatory disease).

The following write-up specifies the steps you must undertake when preparing for hysterectomy. Please check them out now.

One Month Before Hysterectomy

  1. Gather enough information about hysterectomy. According to the best hysterectomy surgeon in Kolkata, a patient needs to understand what happens during the procedure and what the recovery journey entails.
  2. Being overweight increases the risks associated with hysterectomy and anaesthesia. So, try losing weight before the surgery.
  3. Cutting down on or quitting smoking can help you recover from hysterectomy in a seamless manner. Smokers have breathing problems during the surgery, and heal slowly afterward.
  4. Do you have sleep apnea, diabetes, hypertension, or any other kind of medical condition? If yes, please consult your doctor to ensure they are under control before the surgery.

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One Week Before Hysterectomy

  1. It is necessary to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water can keep constipation at bay. It is a common side-effect that causes tremendous discomfort after hysterectomy.
  2. Plan ahead so you can recover without any hassle. Purchase easy-to-prepare meals for the days following the surgery. Move your furniture around to streamline access.
  3. You cannot drive after going through anaesthesia, so ask someone to take you home after the surgery.

One Day Before Hysterectomy

  1. According to the best hysterectomy surgeon in Kolkata, avoiding big meals and heavy foods can reduce discomfort before and after the surgery.
  2. The anticipation of the procedure can be stressful for many women. When you are anxious, your body produces hormones that make the immune system weak, and disturb the body’s capacity to manage infection and pain. So, it is necessary that you relax the night before a hysterectomy.

On the Day of Hysterectomy

  1. Skip eating or drinking.
  2. Do not put on any jewellery.
  3. Wear loose-fitted clothing.
  4. Reach at least two hours before the surgery.
  5. Reschedule if you are feeling sick.

Refer to the discussion above if you are planning on having hysterectomy in the near future. The surgery is invasive so it obviously requires a substantial amount of downtime and is accompanied by residual pain. The discomfort extends a couple of weeks post-operation.