Five Questions You Must Ask During a Preconception Visit

Choosing to have a baby and starting the exhilarating journey that’s motherhood can be one of the most terrifying yet rewarding decisions a woman will ever make in her life. Being prepared for significant events helps – especially one that includes bringing a tiny little human into this world.

Almost all organs of a baby take their shape in the first three to ten weeks, and around 35% of women do not visit a doctor until after the eighth week – a lot of important development has occurred already then. The objective of preconception visits is to detect if there are any risks to the mother, the baby, and the pregnancy, and then to eliminate those risks and enhance the mother and the baby’s overall wellbeing.

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Below are a couple of questions you must ask your obstetrician during a preconception visit.

How is my physical?

The best gynecologist in Kolkata will run a blood count and a metabolic panel. These are part of a standard physical that brings nutritional deficiencies and other problems to the forefront. Make sure to treat yourself before focusing on conceiving.

Are the medicines I am consuming safe for my pregnancy?

Note down all the medicines, vitamins, and supplements you have been consuming so that your obstetrician can look over them. A few medicines can cause birth defects and you may have to switch to something else.

Are my health issues under control?

Pregnancy, while usually a state of wellbeing, can adversely impact your body and preexisting health issues. Depression, hypertension, diabetes, seizures, hyper/hypothyroidism, and blood clotting are a couple of conditions that need special attention. Also inform your doctor about the surgeries you had and if you have any problem with anaesthesia.

Should I take a prenatal vitamin?

The best obstetrician in Kolkata said pregnant women can benefit from prenatal vitamins with at least 400mg of folic acid. But if you take certain medicines or have had a child suffering from neural tube defects, you will need a huge amount of folic acid.

Are my vaccinations up-to-date?

This is necessary to ask during a preconception visit because certain vaccines such as MMR vaccine (mumps, measles, rubella) and varicella for chicken pox should not be received during pregnancy. Being immune can help you and your baby. You must also check when you are due for a flu or Covid vaccine. These shots can protect your newborn.

Make sure your partner accompanies you to a preconception visit. Your doctor will ask both of you family history and past health type questions. Prior to the appointment, please adhere to a nourishing diet, exercise for half an hour every day, and decrease exposure to  environmental hazards.