Are You Trying to Get Pregnant? Contact an Obstetrician Now

Can an obstetrician help you get pregnant? Yes! An obstetrician is a healthcare professional who cares for women before and during pregnancy, and during and after delivery. You must get in touch with them if you are planning on conceiving or suffering from fertility problems. For more information, please go through the following write-up now.

How Obstetricians Help You Get Pregnant?

The best obstetrician in India help ensure a woman is emotionally and physically prepared to carry her pregnancy to term. The provide education and guidance  to help enhance your chances of conceiving.

At first, an obstetrician will carry out several screening tests to see if your overall health is fine and to identify problems that may impact your pregnancy as well as chances  of conceiving. The tests are as follows –

Pap Smear

Pap smear detects cancerous or precancerous cervical cells. Detecting abnormalities early can improve the success of the treatment.

STD Screening

Your obstetrician will screen you for STDs like syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia. When left untreated can adversely impact your fertility, and cause complications during pregnancy.

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HPV Test

This is generally recommended if you are over thirty years of age. HPV tests determine strains of HPV, which is responsible for cervical cancer.

Blood Test

Your obstetrician will suggest a blood work to detect genetic disorders that you can pass on to your baby.

Obstetricians will recommend lifestyle modifications that improve your health as well as your chances of getting pregnant. These include quitting caffeine and alcohol, maintaining a balanced diet, getting exercise regularly, enhancing sleep habits, decreasing work stress, and reaching a proper weight.

Inform your obstetrician about the prescription or OTC medications you have been taking. Many medications cause complications during pregnancy, and stop the embryo development.

Fertility issues can pave the way for multiple emotions such as despair, disappointment, and frustration. Your obstetrician will offer the expert care and compassion you need. In order to address the concerning areas, they will learn about your menstrual cycle. They will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, evaluate your health history, and ask relevant questions.

Contact efficient, experienced, caring, and board-certified obstetricians and start a family now!